Project Description

Welcome to BigTexBids! Where you can buy, sell and socialize with confidence.

BigTexBids is multi-vendor platform for manufacturers , suppliers, vendors and everyday Joes to come and sell their physical or electronic product. Have confidence and sell your products on a local platform with an easy to use, seller dash board. Build relationships with other businesses on our social platform, connect with other groups, exchange your ideas with our design tools. Grow your business tenfold!

Your items will be listed in high definition, with a full shopping cart experience. No need to wait for a “Buy Box.” Buyers Box? The Buyers Box is the display on a product detail page with the Add to Cart button that customers can use to add items to their shopping carts. When one of your listed items appears as the default on the product page, you “win” the Buy Box, increasing your chances of selling that item. Read More On Amazon

Instead with our marketplace, as a seller you have tools to start growing your business immediately. With Amazon you must wait sometimes up to 6 months before being elgible for the buy box! We give you an add to cart button, “quick view” and compare item” immediately. It’s a customized e-commerce Auction platform designed specifically to enhance sales, and the checkout experience

Good luck Bidding!